Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered ‘Cocreator’ Image Generator

Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered ‘Cocreator’ Image Generator

Here’s trending news about Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered ‘Cocreator’ Image Generator. Windows Latest reports that Microsoft has started rolling out its Cocreator AI picture-generating functionality in Windows 11’s Paint app. Once reserved for Windows Insiders, the new integrated text-to-image generator is now accessible to everyone. The DALL-E 3 model from OpenAI is what drives it. Windows Central reports that Microsoft Paint’s new Cocreator button is now available to all users. This feature allows users to describe what they envision and then get three produced images to choose from. 

The image generator is a recent addition to Microsoft Paint. However, the firm’s other services already use the DALL-E 3 text-to-image functionality. Consumers used to ask for pictures through Microsoft’s Bing search chatbot. But that’s now part of Copilot’s creative AI assistance. OpenAI makes DALL-E 3 available to its paying ChatGPT app subscribers as an added bonus. 

Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered ‘Cocreator’

When you consider how capable and strong Copilot is, it may be daunting. It feels like an AI Kool-Aid Man is suddenly appearing on the scene. And that’s because Microsoft has pushed Copilot on many products, from Windows 10 to Microsoft 365 services. Cocreator and Paint, on the other hand, have an air of purpose and natural harmony about them. This is another stepping stone to a world where image generators replace clip art.

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