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Rooted in South Asia, our company, guided by the visionary leadership of CEO Mr. Imal Perera, recognizes the exceptional aptitude of South Asian youth in the fields of computers and technology. Inspired by this insight, we have pledged to donate a computer lab annually as part of our charitable initiatives. This commitment reflects our deep-seated belief in empowering the next generation with the digital literacy and skills essential for navigating the future.

Mr. Perera is steadfast in his belief that this program is not just an act of philanthropy but a strategic investment in the economic and social fabric of Sri Lanka. By providing young learners with access to modern technology and quality education in computing, we aim to unlock their potential, fostering a culture of innovation and technological excellence that will drive the nation's progress.

The promise to sustain this initiative for as long as our company exists highlights our long-term vision for creating a tangible, positive impact on Sri Lanka's economy. Through nurturing talent and expanding digital access, we envision cultivating a skilled workforce that will elevate Sri Lanka to a prominent position in the global technology landscape. This dedication to social responsibility and economic development exemplifies our commitment not only to the growth of our company but also to the prosperity of our community and country.

November 2, 2023

Computer Lab Donation 2023

Empowering the next generation, one computer lab at a time. Our donation brings technology to schools where IT labs were once just a dream.

November 2, 2022

Computer Lab Donation 2022

Empowering the Next Generation, Bridging the Digital Divide, One Computer Lab at a Time