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Things were heating up in Las Vegas for CES 2024. We’re here to bring you all the latest and greatest from the event. Nevertheless, the real action is on the fringes, where things are a little more crazy. Odd devices and claims are inevitable at CES, where companies are all-in on AI hype. CES 2024 showed us some of the weirdest gadgets, tech, and claims.

The List of Cool Tech Revealed at CES 2024 

  1. A router designed to resemble a picture frame

The idea of harmonizing your home’s technology with its design has been all the rage recently. Are you bored with your TV? Take it to the next level with the Samsung Frame, which transforms your TV into an art piece, or discover LG’s translucent TV, which will disappear into your decor.

The router is the newest technological object to undergo the Yaasification process. Presenting the GL Marble Wi-Fi 6 OpenWrt Router. Imagine iNet as a little framed artwork that you would display proudly on your wall or place on your desk.

  1. AI-enhanced binoculars for bird watching

Swarovski introduced its AX Visio 10×32, an AI-enhanced pair of binoculars priced at $4,799, for the affluent birdwatcher. With the use of artificial intelligence, the binoculars can assist you in rapidly identifying over 9,000 birds and other species. They also allow you to capture and share photographs and videos of your findings.

  1. Automated AI that can dial 911 on your behalf

During their press conference, LG unveiled its Smart Home AI Agent. The wheeled “two-legged” robot is an assistant that works in tandem with your LG appliances. The creators of generative AI claim that their chatbot may demonstrate empathy when you engage in conversation with them. According to the company’s bizarre, Pixar-style commercial, the bot can do things like remind you to take your medication or dial 911 in an emergency.

  1. An iPhone keyboard inspired by the BlackBerry

Are you longing for the days when you could press buttons on your iPhone? Unveiled at CES 2024, the Creator Keyboard by Clicks Technology transforms your phone into a relic from the BlackBerry era for only $139. By attaching to your iPhone like a phone cover, the keyboard expands the viewing area of your device even when you’re not using the digital keyboard. Your phone will undoubtedly get somewhat longer as a result, but maybe that is the cost of embracing nostalgia.

  1. Cool Tech Revealed at CES 2024: A bidet you can talk to

Hello, Alexa. Please activate the bidet spray. A new bidet seat from Kohler, the PureWash E930, is compatible with voice-activated assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can activate the bidet’s spray and dryer capabilities, as well as its self-cleaning UV technology. You can also manage the seat without using your hands thanks to the voice assistant. Keep your conversation with the toilet to yourself.

  1. How about an AI-driven stroller that rocks your child for you?

Being a parent is challenging. That should be more than enough to persuade you to entrust your little one to GlüxKind’s Ella, an AI-powered stroller. This stroller has all the bells and whistles you could want: it can steer itself, brake on hills, and gently rock your infant all without you having to lift a finger. Plus, there’s a white noise machine function right on the stroller.

  1. Dynamic mixing of sound that adapts to your driving style

Sound Drive is an initiative by, a former singer-songwriter and current entrepreneur. It comes with the goal of synchronizing your listening experience with the tempo and intensity of your daily commute. Whether you’re hurtling down the highway or snarled in traffic, the technology detects your speed and adjusts the music accordingly. Lyrics automatically enter and exit the mix. The technology left a positive impression on us, despite our initial skepticism.

  1. A muzzle-shaped mask that may muffle human speech

Farewell, intrusive listeners. Stéphane Hersen, creator of Skyted, claims that their “Mobility Privacy Mask” and “Hybrid Silent Mask” can “absorb voice frequencies” to let you speak in more private settings, such as on trains, aircraft, or in rideshares. Eventually, the company hopes to use its Batman-inspired masks in places like call centers, workplaces, and even video games.

  1. Your very own personal AI helper that can browse your phone’s content

Do you feel like getting pizza? Why not have Rabbit’s r1 handle the whole process for you? It’s far easier than taking out your phone, unlocking it, searching for a delivery app, launching it, and navigating the user interface to finish your purchase. The Teenage Engineering-created gadget relies on a “language action model” to potentially carry out the desired action, as opposed to voice-only AI assistants such as Alexa and Siri.

  1. Molluscs with the ability to detect water contamination

These days, it seems like everything has to be “smart,” from phones to TVs to even toilets. Where do mollusks stand? Inspired. MolluSCAN CEO and co-founder Ludovic Quinault discovered that a simple, non-invasive tracker that can be connected to the shell of a clam or oyster can track everything from eating to breeding to stress responses. These reactions can also be very good indicators of water quality and problems that might occur with pollution.

  1. A TV capable of folding into a statue

Would you enjoy it if your TV could fold up into an art piece? We are happy to report some wonderful news to you. C SEED’s N1 folding TV can transform from a massive 137-inch screen into a brutalist-looking art piece in your living room in a little over a minute, all thanks to its five MicroLED displays. When fully extended, the so-called adaptive gap calibration conceals any visible displays’ hinges, allowing for a bezel-free viewing experience. Prices start at around $200,000.

  1. An eerie valley you may brainstorm with

The GPT version of WeHead was one of the most eye-catching “Who requested this?” gadgets shown at CES. The AI-powered head gives ChatGPT more than just a virtual AI experience—it adds a face and some materiality. The intention of the mannequin-like structure, which consists of numerous displays, is to serve as a confidant with whom one may discuss ideas. Nevertheless, we are more focused on how odd it seems and feels to connect with than anything else.

  1. A CNC mill with an appearance reminiscent of the 1990s 

Actually, this isn’t that strange of a product, yet its design is too striking to ignore. It’s all part of Coast Runner’s noble effort to lower the barrier to entry for CNC machines in the hands of both experts and amateurs. For those who aren’t well-versed in the field, a computer numerical control (CNC) machine is the tool that standardizes and automates a once-manual operation, such as 3D printing or cutting components on an assembly line.

  1. A lifelike CPR dummy with its own respiratory and urination systems

When is realism enough? One such patient simulator is ADAM-X by Medical-X. It can simulate a variety of medical procedures, such as administering an intravenous injection, using a defibrillator, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and more. Depending on the patient’s requirements and your level of accuracy, the firm will provide reactive feedback while using their realistic skeletal replicas.

Engadget reports that the business is planning to add a GPT-like function to its platform in the near future to facilitate more direct medical training. For realistic training, ADAM-X also includes fluid simulations such as blood and pee. There you have it, science.

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