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Viditure’s concept replaces traditional,

Viditure tackles the challenge of introducing video-based eSignatures. Security is a top concern, ensured through advanced encryption and authentication, boosting user confidence. Continual refinement based on feedback and industry trends maintains Viditure’s position as a top solution for secure remote document signing.

UI/UX Design

The notes created conversations that could lead to a new friendship or at best to your first kiss.

A dating/friendship application, Pandomar, facilitates the formation of new relationships through a captivating “Note Game.” Grounded in mutual interests, honesty, and curiosity, Pandomar empowers users to forge meaningful connections. By fostering genuine interactions and shared experiences, Pandomar enables users to build lasting friendships and romantic relationships, enriching their lives with genuine connections and meaningful conversations.


Gurulugomi is Sri Lanka’s first cloud e-reading platform, based on the global standard epub file format.

Gurulugomi, Sri Lanka’s pioneering cloud e-reading platform, adopts the global standard e-pub file format. As digital formats gain traction worldwide, the renowned M.D. Gunasena (Pvt) Ltd., with over a century of publishing legacy, launches its own online reading platform. Gurulugomi offers numerous reader-friendly features and personalized reading preferences for users, which encourages them to read more.

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Fuel Your Savings & Comfort,
Join Getin app for Affordable, Eco-Friendly Travel

Getin is a mobile application designed to facilitate cost-effective transportation by connecting commuters who are willing to share rides. Whether you’re a driver looking to reduce fuel costs or a passenger seeking affordable and comfortable travel options, Getin aims to streamline the process of ride-sharing to benefit both parties.


The ultimate solution for beverage and bar supplies management. With its user-friendly mobile app, customers can seamlessly browse, order, and customize their purchases.

Streamlining the Beverage and Bar Supplies Industry: Overcoming Fragmentation with Efficient Communication, control and convenience.

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Discover, Connect, and Thrive: Elevate Your Campus Experience with Budese!

Budese is a mobile application designed to streamline event management and collaboration between university Business Development Executives (BDEs), students, and organizations. With Budese, users can easily create, discover, and participate in events, manage sponsorships, and foster collaboration within their community.