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Computer Lab Donation - 2023

November 2, 2023

On the 2nd of November 2023, our philanthropic endeavors led us to Dellawa Maha Vidyalaya, nestled in the scenic locale of Dellawa, Neluwa, within the picturesque Galle District. With a steadfast commitment to fostering educational excellence, we embarked on a mission to revitalize the school's learning environment. This year, our donation encompassed a comprehensive array of technological resources, including twelve complete high-end desktop computers, twelve UPS devices for uninterrupted power supply, and six WiFi adapters to facilitate seamless connectivity. However, our contribution extended beyond mere equipment provision. Recognizing the importance of ambiance in shaping the learning experience, we took it upon ourselves to renew the curtains and apply a fresh coat of paint to the lab. Through these meticulous efforts, we aimed not only to equip the students of Dellawa Maha Vidyalaya with cutting-edge tools but also to create an inspiring space conducive to exploration, discovery, and academic growth.