Simplicity is Prerequisite for Reliability

-Edsger W.Dijkstra

“ We are a software product engineering company that consistently elevate your ideas and plan your requirements in a meticulous way. Our track record of almost 8 years and all the positive feedback from the satisfied clients brief our success. ”

We Build What You Want

Communication is the key when you need to express yourself righteously. The concept is yours and as hard-core professionals, we are making something out of nothing. We are fluent in English to digest every bit of information from the client’s end and will always treat your product as our own product. A corporate-level set of standards being maintained and the rest is assured as we always eyeballing to deliver the right product at the right time of the right budget. experienced engineers; commit to the ability to deliver cost-effective software products to the clients linked with the Sri Lankan IT sector. Foreseeing the explicit cost and be ascertained of the product quality will initially drive the customer to the next step and that makes Sri Lanka the prime destination to outsource. applications, which will vouch the plethora of our development skills.

Treinetic Team builds Great MVP Products

Higher Success Rate

As a result of upholding the industry level standards, we can keep up on a successive rail throughout the time. Our clients are always happy with what we deliver since the product quality is always up to the desired level. We always preserve the latest technology within our work and are entitled to heighten conceptualization from the customer perspective.

Top Engineering Talent in Sri Lanka | Treinetic

We Have Skilled Engineers.

Software applications are complicated systems composed of a lot of technologies and sections: frontend, backend, database, web server, and network.We are proud of our skill pool who expertised in each part to navigate pretty much any system and are able to make thoughtful engineering decisions.Our team is open minded, fun to work with and most importantly devoted to what they are doing.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is a habit of the software development process practiced within our organization. We maintain industry-recognized QA processes and testing methods ensuring the fact that we deliver the quality product and are eligible for the long haul. Always foreseeing the end-product with the help of reliable communication and preserve the qualitative aspects throughout the project are the key pillars of our quality led software engineering