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Why Treinetic?

At its heart, software product engineering aims to solve problems. And that’s why we are in the business of helping passionate tech entrepreneurs who are on a mission to solve problems by being their product engineering team and the technology backbone. We have witnessed it with many clients, so we understand the difficulty of building a startup, funding it, and making it profitable. Our experienced engineers can take your idea to reality, from the idea stage to a full-fledged product, and then maintain and cater to the changes. And since we manage all the aspects of your project, you get the full opportunity to focus on the growth of your business.

We take pride in our superior technical capabilities. Years of expertise in software product development, the adaptation of cutting-edge CASE tools, and collaboration with global customers put us ahead of the competition. Treinetic is dynamic and adaptive to customers’ changing requirements. Other reasons to choose us include:

Services We Offer

Software Product Engineering

Product Engineering is the process of conceptualizing, designing, developing, testing, and delivering a software product. And this strategic process is responsible for the full product life cycle, starting with the innovation phase and continuing through the deployment and user acceptance testing phases.

The following are the product engineering services that we provide:

Web Application Development

We have the talent to engineer high quality applications using modern front-end frameworks. To maximize the product’s compatibility and usability, we are mindful about playing our trump cards in the first place: gallant designs and proven engineering skills.

Mobile Application Development

The world has already moved to mobile, and mobile applications are inseparable from an average user’s life. Our mobile engineering team has worked on many interesting products, from native iOS and Android to hybrid mobile development frameworks and cross-platform frameworks. We know what exactly works for your idea. skills.

UI / UX Design

UI/UX design is the process that helps to visualize an idea while maximizing its usability and interactivity. You can count on our UI/UX experts to deliver visually appealing and functionally sound solutions. We will always work with you iteratively throughout the design process until you are satisfied with the final product.

Cloud Strategy

Our well-experienced team can plan and deploy the right cloud architecture that suits your product. It will not only perform well but also be cost-effective. Whether you need to optimize an existing system, build cloud applications, or transition to a new cloud infrastructure, Treinetic can help.

Future Tech


A huge dispute is arising against centralization and censorship in the tech world and the problems related to data fraud, alterations, and deletions. Therefore, a significant demand for decentralized, tamper-proof, and unshakable software systems is inevitable in modern times. We are in the process of analyzing better use cases and architectural solutions to serve our clients with blockchain-based technologies.

Machine Learning

We offer ready-made machine learning services to tailored machine learning solutions. A competent team of professionals leads machine intelligence initiatives through a commercially adaptable methodology that increases the chance of delivering significant business value due to the technology.

Our QA Process

Defects are inevitable in any software application. And that’s why a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) procedure must be in place to identify, report, recover, and recheck them to deliver a hassle-free user experience to the end-user community.

Quality assurance is not a phase of duty limited to a few steps of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Nonetheless, it is an ongoing process that begins with the project’s conception and continues until its completion and maintenance. Treinetic begins QA at the requirement stage and attempts to identify problems and bugs before beginning development. To avoid problems, we strive to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

After every project, the lead quality assurance engineer produces a lessons learned report (LLR) that contains a list of the identified problems or bugs throughout the testing. As a result, no more complications may arise during a similar project in the future. Here, the quality assurance engineers and the rest of the team are dedicated to creating a high-quality product rather than one that meets the clients’ requirements.

Engagement Models

Treinetic understands that customers’ preferences for software development pricing structures differ from one another. It is for this reason that we provide the following engagement models to remain versatile and client-focused.

Fixed-Priced Model

Our fixed-price model is ideal for engagements with a well-defined scope, well-established delivery procedures, and a predictable set of requirements. It is exclusive for long-term initiatives with great value to the client company. So, we recommend this approach for small and medium-sized projects with well-defined requirements, specifications, and schedules before the start of development.

Time and Materials

Our fixed-price model is ideal for engagements with a well-defined scope, well-established delivery procedures, and a predictable set of requirements. It is exclusive for long-term initiatives with great value to the client company. So, we recommend this approach for small and medium-sized projects with well-defined requirements, specifications, and schedules before the start of development.

Dedicated Teams

We partner with customers on a long-term basis using the Dedicated Teams engagement model. And our dedicated teams deliver the perfect mix of flexibility, scalability, and agility. While you focus on expanding your business to the next level, we focus on creating the team to match your requirements and goals.

If you opt to work with our talented and devoted development team, you will be assigned a team of specialists that have been hand-picked to meet to suit your product. This team is similar to an in house team in that they are technically your employees.

Development Methodologies

Scrum – 90%

Kanban – 10%

Our clients are always active participants in the project development lifecycle, controlling the progress and having an opportunity to introduce changes at any time. Consequently, we guarantee the high quality of the end product and the quality of our services by fostering process transparency.

Treinetic (Pvt) Ltd

Mr. Imal Perera formed Treinetic (Pvt) Ltd in October 2014 and incorporated it as a private limited company under the company act of 2007. Sri Lanka, on the 8th of April 2015. Since its inception, Treinetic’s expertise has been in software product engineering. At Treinetic, we currently work with the B2C and B2B sectors and provide engineering services to the United States, Europe, and New Zealand, and we gained a wealth of knowledge and exposure by working with international and local clients for many years. And now, we’re looking into expanding into other regions.

While the quality of the product is our primary focus, our clients appreciate our adaptive and flexible presence throughout the product’s life cycle. These characteristics are all branches of the same tree: software product engineering. We ensure that the products we develop adhere to globally recognized standards and that our interactions with our valued clients reflect best practices. Therefore, we focus on employing well-versed people in technology while showing a great attitude and passion.

About Us

Type of Company Limited Liability Company
Type of Business Technological Solutions
Year Established 2014
Year Incorporated 2015
Locations 2
Email [email protected]

Contact Us


(+46) 702942270
Daniel Fogmark

Viktor Rydbergsgatan 31,
412 57 Gothenburg, Sweden

(+94)113601921  /
Imal Perera

No 254/1A,
Robert Gunawardena Road,
Battaramulla, Sri Lanka


To become one of the world's most recognized and top software product engineering companies while establishing a work environment where our team is motivated, innovative, and happy.


Leading and mentoring our team to accomplish our goals while delivering a completely satisfying end product and excellent service.  


Always motivated to explore new technologies, build products, and challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible solutions.

Our Achievements


e-Swabhimani 2016 organizedby ICTA Sri Lanka (Underthe Education & Sciencecategory)


mBillionth 2016 India - (Under theLearning & Education category)


  • Received Merit for our Examiner product at eSwabhimani 2020
  • Received Merit for “Poth” eReading mobile app at eSwabhimani 2020

Our Expertise

We Keep Up to Date With Ever-Growing Technologies and Platforms

Our Clients

Treinetic has been serving many companies worldwide and Sri Lanka with a comprehensive range of bespoke software development and outsourcing services. We specialize in tailor-made, flexible solutions that meet your time-sensitive requirements. We have gained experience in a wide range of industries, including:

Last Mile Portal

PickMe is the largest taxi-hailing application in Sri Lanka, with over 1 million downloads just for its Android App. It is a household name among Sri Lankans who use it every day. It is also known as the largest successful startup in Sri Lanka. PickMe has recently worked with us to build their newest experimental product, “Last Mile Portal.” The idea behind this is very simple: Suppose a customer phones a hotel or restaurant directly and places an order. But in this case, the particular hotel or restaurant doesn’t have any delivery people available. Then the establishment’s customer service team can post this order delivery requirement in the Last Mile Portal. An available delivery person from PickMe will pick up and deliver the order to customers without any delays.


“Involved” is a USA-based startup and one of the interesting products that we got to work on in 2021. “Involved” is a full-fledged social platform for followers of Jesus, available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

It allows users to join communities from where they live, learn and work, etc. Enjoy events and connect with friends, family, and believers from your community.

Viditure INC, USA

Viditure’s concept replaces traditional, less secure eSignatures with a 10–15 second video clip of the signer embedded in a pdf. Viditure’s core is designed in such a way that several users may sign Viditure) the same document simultaneously, as well as documents can be signed sequentially. Since its inception as a small firm in 2014, our team has developed ground-breaking technological solutions that were almost unattainable with the limited technology available at the time.

We have now aligned this technology to the point where it is ready to be white- labeled for any industry requiring remote secure document signing.

Last Mile Portal

E-POA is the first white labeling of Viditure technology to provide power of attorney services to Ethiopian citizens in the United States. With the solution, these citizens can easily provide POA to a person of their choice. The Ethiopian government has approved the E-POA application, which has already processed over 20,000 applications. The Viditure team is currently working on expanding the service to more countries.

E-POA is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


When it comes to online reading, the Kindle is the first thing that springs to mind. However, there are a few countries where Kindle does not offer a large selection of books in the native language, and Sri Lanka is one of them. Pinnacle Technologies, a Sri Lankan company, saw an opportunity to solve this problem and collaborated with us to develop this incredible mobile application with a secure bespoke online payment gateway.

Poth has over 70,000 downloads globally and is available on both iOS and Android.

Lottery Scanner

This is Sri Lanka’s first and only lottery scanning application that scans the lottery and provides the results faster and conveniently. Moreover, this application provides Sri Lankan lottery results for both the national lottery board and development lottery board lotteries. It takes just a few taps for users to get any lottery results they are looking for, saving them valuable time.

Additionally, our servers will notify users when the results for bookmarked lotteries are available. Users will also have the ability to search for the lottery by name, date, draw numbers, and check previous lottery results.


Gurulugomi is Sri Lanka’s first cloud e-reading platform, based on the global standard epub file format. At the same time, since the world is rapidly transitioning to digital formats, 100-year old publishing behemoth M.D. Gunasena (Pvt) Ltd. has opted to launch its own online reading platform.

In addition to many reader-friendly features, Gurulugomi can also customize reading preferences for each user. Users may quickly buy their selected books via the app or website, thanks to the secure payment gateway developed in partnership with major commercial banks.

If consumers have purchased the book, they may read the same book on their iOS or Android devices after purchasing it. Readers appreciate this application, which has already had 90,000 downloads in a short period.


Examiner is one of the first apps we created for the local student population. This app solves the problem of preparing students for tough MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) based examinations. It features an innovative, intelligent engine that generates questions depending on the student’s performance, which is unique to this application. Consider the following scenario: A particular student is weak in a particular subject. In that case, the engine is intelligent enough to understand the pattern and slowly increase the number of questions the student gets.

For this invention, we were awarded the e-Swabhimani ( award in 2016 and 2017, respectively


Toopax was developed as an innovative concept by SP INVEST GmbH, an Austrian company. This application was created with the basic goal of bringing offers from interested areas. Assume a person is interested in shoes and pizza. Then, this individual may join the platform and specify their interests, and any offers submitted by merchants that match their criteria will be sent to them. Merchants are required to pay according to the quota that has been given. Later, Webplex Media GmbH purchased this product.


Sindu is a music app developed for the local and worldwide community of Sri Lankan music fans. Sindu has many features, such as offline listening and continuously playing songs that the listener might like to listen to based on their behavior patterns.

Sindu has over 30,000 downloads on both the iOS and Android platforms.

K.D.A. Weerasinghe & Co. (Pvt) Ltd

KDA Weerasinghe & Co (Pvt) Ltd is one of Sri Lanka’s top construction companies. They came to us needing a bespoke payroll solution that could be accessed from several locations and devices while meeting their various industry-related requirements.

Our innovative engineering team was able to develop a system that met their requirements, and they were able to make the payroll process as easy as clicking a button. Everything from payslips to reports to funding transfers happens with that single push of a button.


Special2US is a UK-based company that came up with a unique way to keep our life’s memories. Specifically, they wanted the application to create a family tree and allow each member of that family to create their own private album of their lives. Additionally, audio annotations may be added to photographs directly via the website without installing any plugins.

Our development team collaborated extensively with the Special2US team to develop an annotation service capable of speech recognition. This project was led by one of our most experienced team members at a time in which the browser-based audio recording was not easy to implement.


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