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Web application development

We are equipped with the talent and technology to build tailored web solutions for any industry. In terms of maximizing the compatibility and usability of the product, we are cautious about playing our trumps in the first place; gallant designs and versed engineering skills.


Mobile application development

Our mobile applications development compacted into a process of which we focus on the compatibility of the mobile application. It involves testing and deploying in different ways to determine we are delivering the exact product. We are bound to develop android/IOS or even cross-platform mobile applications, which will vouch the plethora of our development skills.


UI / UX Design

UI/UX designing is what fills out the gap between technology and humans. Our UI/UX specialist will ensure that your solution is visually stunning, fully functional, and with a user-friendly infrastructure. We always collaborate with you in the designing process and size-up well-crafted designs to drive the targeted audience by the first look and encompass the powerful user experience.


Cloud Strategy

Cloud technology provides a digital business its required performance and agility. Lacking the leverage of tools and high cost maintenance, resulting in significant technical and architectural debt. Whether you are in need of optimizing the existing system, building cloud applications or migrating to new cloud infrastructure, Treinetic is here to implement a cost saving, efficient cloud solutions that stimulate creativity and innovation.

Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance can assort to two branches particularly, Prevention & Detection. It included the controlling process from beginning of the development lifecycle to address the quality issues. Our QA team engages in throughout the lifecycle by consolidate with the development teams and client end in order to build an accurate product. Not only the QA team, all the members who involve in development lifecycle, has a mindset of constructing a quality product over a simply working system.


Dedicated Teams

Think of treinetic dedicated team as a branch in your own organization, you can directly manage the tasks, via the agile- project manager assigned to delegate the micro-management on behalf of you. In-depth awareness on market trends and technical expertise of the project manager will allow you to enjoy the full project reports on every project iteration. Effortless communication and 100% transparency is assured since you will be privileged to have as much as jurisdiction over the project. We provide the infrastructure and administration, we keep them motivated and we make sure the project stays on track while you are concentrating on your core business tasks.



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We are looking for

Independant software vendors

In order to accommodate the changing needs of the industry successfully, ISVs (www.techopedia.com) are required to visualize, furnish and provide top-grade applications that are industry-specific at the best possible cost, while being supple and nimble in their approach. If you are such an entity, Treinetic is the ideal place to set up your tech arm. As we will help you to establish your own team under our administration and infrastructure, you will be able to spare the time to discover new markets of your business as we will look after all the concerning technical aspects.


startpu image

Vc Backed Startups

If you are a start-up backed by individual investors and looking for a specialized team to bring about the desired end product, we are here to undertake your production and development tasks. In the start-up, you may have to concentrate on finding new customers, building brand awareness, and not having ample resources or time to upgrade, develop or maintain extant systems. The way we enforce our operations, you will be able to justify the concept and investments aligned.