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Treinetic is an award-winning technology company having years of experience. Our team comprises talented engineers from renowned universities with expertise in sectors like Mobile apps, Web apps, blockchain, and AI.

So, whether you're a company looking for a technology solution, a skilled team to outsource your project or an individual with an idea, we become your number one choice. And we're ready to take things from concept to completion.



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After one or more online sessions of getting to know us, our skillset and ability to engineer your desired product will surely convince you. Then, you can finalize and hand over the project to Treinetic and the initial paperwork, such as a mutual agreement between the two parties.



Wireframes & UI UX Design

In this step, the user flow is discussed in light of a positive user experience. Thus, the completed product can competently meet the needs of its users by offering an excellent experience. Before going on to the next stage, wireframe sketches and UI UX designs will be created, displayed to the client, fine-tuned, and finalized. The goal is to create the final product's exact design and provide a per-user experience developed in later stages.

Architecture Planning

Planning of the entire architecture will be the main focus at this stage. Our engineers will decide elements like cloud environment and cloud architecture, database schema, the backend framework selection based on the project nature. For mobile apps, you can choose between cross-platform and native, and so on. All of this entails laying the groundwork for the development team to work on your project.




At this point, actual product development will begin. The entire development is divided into numerous iterations. Again, the scrum process framework in the Agile model will be employed. Now, the client can try out a working part of the system being developed at the end of each iteration. Senior engineers will evaluate the code, make modifications, and then delegate testing and validation to QA engineers. Any iteration must include the following sub-steps: coding, reviewing, and testing. If needed, changes can be proposed at the review meeting and included in the next implementation phase.

Testing for Quality Assurance

This should not be viewed as a phase but rather as a continuous process from the beginning. Software products must go through a rigorous quality assurance procedure because they are intangible and depend on several factors: the operating environment, user load, data volume, malicious user operations, cyber-attacks, etc. Our QA engineers work from the requirement stage through the deployment stage to detect quality concerns. Various functional and non-functional testing approaches are used to identify faults and keep track of them in a defect tracking tool for correction and even after the project is completed for "lessons learned" objectives.



It's time for production after all requirements have been met and user acceptance testing has been completed. We advocate a BETA testing phase for some products and then recover from any errors or make modifications before deploying. Maintenance is an important and ongoing process that should be focused on resolving issues in the production environment, introducing new features, and improving the system to accommodate security updates, new OS updates, and hosted environment changes, among other things. Maintenance will not be smooth and straightforward to execute if a thorough development process with industrial-standard best practices is not followed.


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