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Our Blockchain consulting, solutions, and services can help your business thrive in the modern digital era. Through the elimination of intermediary failures, delays, and collateral costs, blockchain technology has made bilateral settlement possible. The financial services sector and many other sectors may reap several advantages from this. Thanks to blockchain technology, there is no longer any need to worry about credit risks or exchange spreads. The technology makes use of encryption to connect new blocks with old ones, guaranteeing that previously gathered data continues to be kept confidential.

If you are looking to innovate in your business's applications and partnerships, Treinetic's blockchain professionals can connect you with the most reputable and cutting-edge blockchain technology providers in the industry. We implement cutting-edge solutions for your business, including decentralized autonomous systems, crucial data verification, and smart contracts. With the help of our blockchain specialists, you can make your platform both secure and immutable.

How Does Treinetic Help You with
Blockchain Technology Solutions?​

By working closely with your company's architects and advisors, we can guarantee that our blockchain solutions will be a seamless fit. With the innovations in decentralized finance, industries in finance may completely revamp their present-day operational paradigm in a more customer-centric way than their own centralized mechanisms, industries like finance may completely revamp their present-day operational paradigm, from banking and settlement procedures to client interactions. In addition to this, it develops a new financial ecosystem based on tokens that are related to blockchain networks, which can be transferred to end-users to gain financial benefits.
Blockchain technology presents great potential, but capitalizing on this promise is challenging due to pervasive core beliefs and systems of reinforcement. There is no doubt that the banking and financial services sectors as a whole will become aware of blockchain and other network-based solutions in the not-too-distant future. The existing centralized business model of the financial services industry would undergo a dramatic transformation as blockchain technology solutions take its place.

We Provide Safe and Open Platform for Financial Affairs

Avoid Potential Fraud by Taking Preventative Measures

Quicker Transactions

Improved Efficiency

Blockchain is the way of the future in the corporate world. It's a novel approach to resolving issues related to centralization, less transparency, and opening up chances that will boost your company's success.

Benefit from Our Innovative
Blockchain Development Services​

Use the potential of blockchain technology to set your company apart. To maximize the potential of blockchain technology, we assist and direct businesses every step of the way. Some of the main advantages of creating and using blockchains are:

In the past, processes that depended primarily on paper were time-consuming, prone to human error, and often required third-party mediation. Automating these processes on the blockchain might lead to faster and more secure transactions. By centralizing documentation and transaction data on the blockchain, physical papers might become obsolete. There may be significant time savings in the clearing and settlement of several ledgers that are not reconciled.

“Smart contracts” allow for the potential automation of transactions, further increasing efficiency and speeding up the process. A transaction or process moves on to the next phase when certain conditions are met. With the use of smart contracts, verification of compliance with a contract’s terms may be performed with less reliance on middlemen and human error. For example, if a client has filed an insurance claim and provided all necessary documentation, the claim may be resolved and paid promptly.

With blockchain technology, your private and important information might be seen in a whole new light. Blockchain’s immutability and end-to-end encryption make it an effective tool for reducing fraudulent and illegal activity. Using permissions to limit access and anonymize personal data, the blockchain may help address privacy issues.

Transactions and data are recorded identically in several places because blockchain technology employs a distributed ledger. To ensure complete openness, all authorized users of a network may examine the same information at the same time. Stamps with the time and date are used to keep a record of every transaction. By seeing the whole transaction history, users may be certain that no fraudulent activity has taken place.


Instant Tracebility

The provenance of an asset may be verified using a blockchain's immutable audit trail by tracking its history from its point of creation through its many iterations. This is especially helpful in sectors plagued by fraud and counterfeiting, or when buyers are concerned about the product's impact on the environment or human rights. Data concerning provenance may be immediately shared with consumers via blockchain technology. Inconsistencies in any given supply chain may become apparent in the traceability data collected from goods while they wait for transportation.


The distributed ledger facilitates a centralized database that can be accessed by all participants in a corporate network. Thus, coordinating many ledgers is unneeded.

Immutable Records

It calls for consensus among all of the blockchain’s participants. In addition, there is a detailed record of all monetary dealings. The fact that even system administrators cannot interrupt the transactions makes it advantageous.

Streamline the Know-Your-Customer Process​

A bank's Know Your Customer (KYC) efforts are essential, but finding the right technology to support them may be challenging. Distributed ledger technologies like blockchain have all the necessary ingredients to streamline know-your-customer (KYC) processes and do away with the associated privacy and efficiency risks. One of the most exciting developments in technology in recent memory is this method. A blockchain-based platform or utility whose member institutions adhere to defined standards is one of the few technologies with the potential to benefit all industry players, including banks, customers, and regulators.

When a customer provides information to a bank that participates in a blockchain-based KYC platform, the information is replicated for each participating bank. The storage of data is, in essence, distributed. However, since this information is also encrypted, no other financial institution will have access to it. And until they have the customer's permission, they won't know it's there.

Our Superior Blockchain Development
Solutions and Services

Our current blockchain solution catalog includes the following: We are always developing new proofs of concept and adding to them.


1. Consulting for Blockchain Projects

When it comes to the potential of blockchain technology in an enterprise, we provide our customers with in-depth knowledge and assist them to recognise it. The ideal blockchain solution will be developed once our team has completed an extensive study into the project's viability and examined the various blockchain platforms and technologies.

2. Public Blockchain Development

You might need a public blockchain platform if your solution necessitates that anybody can write and read the data without your permission. However, maintaining the confidentiality of the data is of much greater importance. So, a careful analysis before beginning the design process for such a system is a must-do.   


3. Smart Contract Development

The term "smart contracts" refers to the stored program on a blockchain that executes when established conditions are met. The key aims of smart contracts are the automation and execution of agreements such that all parties involved are assured of the outcome without the need for an intermediary or any delay in the process. In addition, they may automate a process by setting conditions that, if fulfilled, cause the system to proceed to the next step.

4. Private Blockchain

To improve the efficacy of existing business procedures, we assist corporations in developing and launching private blockchains that are only relevant to them and their stakeholders. An in-depth assessment of your business's operations and a comprehension of your functional and non-functional needs for achieving desired results form the basis of private blockchain initiatives.


5. Token Development

Treinetic helps you establish new tokens based on existing blockchains from the ground up, allowing you to traverse the whole token creation cycle. We have a complete, goal-driven strategy for token development, including everything from choosing the ideal blockchain to equipping the blockchain's internal architecture and guaranteeing effective administration at each step of crypto token development.

We have practical expertise working with customers in various industries worldwide to provide complete solutions on token creation services, from concept through token launch and marketing. Included in our token development services are the following: 

  • The creation of ICO tokens

  • Ethereum token development

  • NFT based projects

Our Blockchain Development Process

Analyze the Requirements & Identify the Blockchain's Potentiality


Before recommending a blockchain platform to our customers, our team will do an in-depth analysis of the client’s requirements to determine the best use case for blockchain technology.

Determine the Blockchain Layer & Non-Blockchain Parts


When investigating the technical viability and practicality of a blockchain project, we create proofs of concept (POCs) to test various assumptions and hypotheses about the project’s design. What data should go to the blockchain network? What data should go to the centralized databases? What is the best way to communicate with these centralized and decentralized layers? All of these are really important questions that need to be addressed in the next step.

System Development


In addition to proof-of-concept work, our team will also create blockchain apps that are rich in functionality by making use of cutting-edge tools and techniques. As with any traditional software project, development should get off to a good start with deep concerns regarding blockchain development features, including testing and issue recovery.

Testing & Verification


To ensure that the application is bug-free before deploying it to the client’s main network, our QA team will evaluate the blockchain’s performance and check for security flaws in the code. Applications built on a blockchain should be subjected to more rigorous testing and quality assurance than other types of initiatives. That’s why it’s important to adhere to a solid test automation plan in case test automation ends up becoming critical.

Support & Upgrades


After implementation, we continue to provide technical assistance. If any changes or updates need to be made to the blockchain network, our experts can handle them quickly and efficiently. There will always be a need for modification, but making such changes in a blockchain system is particularly challenging. Especially when working with smart contracts, modifying them requires more time and effort. So, before releasing a smart contract into production, making it extensible and update-ready is advisable.

The Industries We Serve ​

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

What are blockchain solutions?

It is widely acknowledged that the development solutions for blockchains are among the most astounding technical advances of the last few years. This technology serves as the foundation for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as trade exchanges. However, these methods are now standard in the financial technology, banking, insurance, etc. industries.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology may be defined as a series of blocks, each of which includes timestamps and a hash of the block that came before it. The number of nodes in the chain is constantly increasing, and all transactions are encrypted to prevent fraud.

What is blockchain useful for?

Blockchain is beneficial for any corporate network looking to boost the safety of its software products while also increasing productivity and decreasing overhead expenses. It provides several possibilities to expand into new areas, reach a larger audience, and achieve a competitive advantage.