Web Based System Development

Websites / Web based systems act a significant role in today’s competitive market where you can indicate your business in a more effective way to the customers. A well designed, search engine optimized and customer friendly web site / app can boost your business by overriding your competitors. Elegant website will demonstrate your business to the customers as a competitive and large business or a company although it’s a small one, conversely it will demonstrate your company as a little one if your website is not compatible with modern market. Our skillful designers & developers will produce a precious websites for your companies which will suitable for rapidly changing web world. Inevitable characteristics that your web site must include are responsive (display ready to any screen size), compatible with any popular browsers, contain latest designs, provide a seamless user experience, integrate with social medias (not only display the links, it is better to add the widgets as well), provide a confident information to the customers etc. It is not optional that web site must support to at least 5 / 6 main languages, localize, contain the customer support chat, inquiry forms, subscriber registration, a productive blog…….but is essential.

Almost all the companies, businesses are moving to web based / mobile based softwares instead of using traditional desktop / standalone software applications. Install to a single server machine, easier to upgrade & error checking, accessible from any computer, isolated / single version for all users, easy to utilize for a mobile apps are the dominant factors for this. But it need a higher security than desktop applications and more developer effort. Despite the latter factors customers are trend to use & get the benefits of web apps in nowadays. Treinetic team is capable to develop any kind of web apps starting from a simple office management system to a comprehensive ERP application. To make them as user friendly as desktop apps we are using AJAX, Angular JS & widely using frameworks like Springs (for java), Laraval / Codeigniter (for PHP).

 Simple   Broucher  web

Wow, it’s a 3 – 4 working days task to our team if we are not using an existing templates or CMS like wordpress. This will be a single page website or 2 – 5 pages simple web site including a customer inquiry form, google map, social media links, client portfolio / product list / service list with latest design trends.

Content Management System

CMS allows users to handle the content of the website by using a pre-defined templates. It’s very similar to create a blog & manage it. These CM systems are easy to install & manage, but need some expert knowledge on it to do further modifications. Usually CMS store the images & texts in a database. more>>

E-commerce web Development

If your requirement is an online store, crowd funding website, online market place or any other revenue generating website /app, we are here to assist you from the sketch to final product. Our team is competent with paypal integration, Braintree payment method & Mangopay payments which allow more>>

Customized web applications

To allow your users to access the system from anywhere, to use more user friendly system, to adopt the system easily to mobile app, then we are here to produce the tailor-made web systems for your company. We are capable to design & develop the systems to manufacturing, HR manage / administration, more>>

Web based product Development

Peoples are trend to use web based tools for wide range of purposes. They are not stick to desktop based software today, and always compel to experience the new software over the web for remunerative prices. Some tools are targeting the SME while another tools targeting singles. There are large number more>>