Our Practices

With number of years of software development experience we are always try to utilize most suitable, effective & customer friendly development methodologies. Practice means a habit, routine which will be a part of your life. We trained our employees to a specific working culture to enhance their creativity through liberal ideas. We use specific tools, SVN like git, agile methodology (described next), SCRUM project management process while our developing tasks. We are always open to the discussions with our customers at anytime via skype, phone calls & chat messages while using the project management tools like trello & showing the progress to the customers.

Agile Process for Small/Intermediate Projects

It’s an alternative for traditional software development methodologies like waterfall but similar to an incremental model. Any development method in accordance to agile manifesto (http://agilemanifesto.org) can be describe as agile methodology development. Project will separate into small iterations (sprints) and after each iteration there will be a customer’s intervene, discussions, proposals etc, then proceed to the next iteration. Typically an Iterations will goes one week, two weeks or one month (for larger projects). All the stakeholders will be collaborative for the project & first glance of the project can be visualize in early stages. Recently large amount of developing teams moving to make use of Agile due to following benefits.

  • Applicable for rapidly changing projects, Agile emphasize that “Welcome to requirement changes”.
  • Customer, developer & stakeholder interaction / open discussions / meetings will generate an united working environment which lead to success of the project.
  • Working software / widget will deliver on every iteration (once a week, once a month).
  • Higher business value parts will deliver on first phases, so customer can work on it while other parts get ready.
  • Can added entirely new features for comparatively law cost.
  • Consistent testing, quality assurance will track the issues on every iteration & respond them immediately as it arise.
  • Payments will be according to the completed functionalities, so clients will understand the cost for each part & eliminate the non-essential or redundant parts.

Our Pricing Models

This is suitable for the small, rapid & specification consistent projects not more than 2 – 3 weeks (10 – 15 working days). We need all the requirements clearly at the beginning of the project. Once we send the quotation to you, then discuss, negotiate & approve it…we will work on the requirements. If the customer needs further requirements we will again discuss, negotiate & send a new price quotation to the additional parts. This iteration will continue until you meets the final product.

  • Suitable for a small (simple web, QA task, few front-end pages etc.) project
  • Give a predictable future changing
  • Ability to budget the project, from the beginning know the expenses
  • Know the complete requirements from the beginning & time schedule to complete the project
  • Although customer needs additional requirements, Treinetic ready to offer the service by negotiating the additional price
  • Both party can comes to a detailed agreement

Requirements are rapidly changing, your stake holder’s wants are consistently changing, law & government policies are changing, technology is changing……So it is better to go ahead with hourly based pricing for these type of tasks. If your project’s boundaries are not definite, will take long time (comparing), then it is hard to estimate the cost to develop such a project & will not reasonable to define the price for both party. After a thorough discuss with our client we will get the initial requirement and commence the project. Payment will depend on how many developers we need to assign, how much time will it take to complete a single iteration. According to that we will propose hourly rate & time schedule to you.
It is your option to proceed with hourly rate or select few employees and we propose you a monthly rate for all of them, how much amount of the project will complete per day, per week & per month. As a customer you will get lot of priorities as mentioned below. Because this will be a long-term task we have to conduct thorough researches before start it and also estimate the time period approximately. But you have the freedom to enhance the specifications…we will plan the time line and send you.

  • Suitable for intermediate, large or requirement changing projects
  • Can expand the requirements & add entirely different modules
  • Daily we will show the works we completed to the customers and they have live access to our project management document / s
  • Customers can directly discuss with any team members who associate to the task at our office time (9.00am – 7.00 pm on GMT + 5.30)
  • Customers will see how much of tasks will complete by a single person / by a team in a particular time (hour, day, week)
  • Developers must previously assure how much of tasks they will complete in specific period

For any pricing model mentioned above, we will assure you a better after sales service & do the modifications after the product launch.