Outsource your development to software professionals

South Asia is the best & suitable place to outsource / offshore any knowledge based works. Lot of Western, Europe companies are outsourcing the software development tasks to countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc. mainly for lower development cost. By outsourcing you are not only try to reduce your production cost:

  • You want talented people who knows exactly what to do.
  • You want to overcome the language barrier.
  • You want to overcome the time zone barrier.
  • Quickly onboard to the project, as the developing team in live.

There are two ways you can outsource your IT jobs to Treinetics – Sri Lanka. First is, if you are not an IT service provider or software firm, still you can make over your IT tasks to a trust worthy partner. We are capable to provide SEO to your web sites, update website information, upgrade your existing website, Develop mobile apps for your business needs, provide QA works for your IT related works, convert excel / access based works for a simple & more user friendly web apps etc.
If you are software service provider, software vendor or web based solutions provider in USA / European region / Scandinavian / Australia – New Zealand or any other country even ASIA, why not try to refer all the development tasks to a skillful and trust worthy team for less price than your countries. You can always deal with our developing teams as you are dealing with your own company employees. We will conduct daily meetings, live discussions, screen sharing, use team work softwares & allow you to access the project management documents while we are performing your developing requirements. For the sustainable & success of the project we will agree that it’s need honest bond as well as a legal bond between both party. As we describes in company profile page (link), Treinetic is founded by a software professional who works with international clients, pull off their confidence while doing the freelancing projects and a software developer who manage lot of local projects with a good customer satisfaction. Therefore we realize the value of customer’s saturation & success of the project will accomplish the betterment of our company.

Services we prefer to offer

UI/UX Design

We are capable of doing elegant web pages with HTML5, CSS, JS & Bootstrap. Our developers will also got the experience in powerful javascript frame works like Jquery & AngularJS. If you are looking for a skillful web designing / UI designing team we are here to assist you from the wireframes to completed user interfaces. Another essential factor we must consider is user experience. When visitor comes to your website, there should be a seamless experience which should urge him to back again there. Handling user experience is far away from design / technical skills. It’s a deal with human mind & their mentality.

Web sites/Web apps

If you prefer to offshore the total web design, develop or web based application task to our team, no matter who your client is, we will deploy the entire effort to satisfy you & your consumer. Treinetic team got thorough knowledge in Java & PHP languages as well as the frame works like Laraval, Codeigniter & Springs. You can first discuss with us & send the main requirements to inspect. We will reach out you with few wireframes & UX details, database information, technologies going to use with approximate budget and time schedule. Although physically we are in two places, you will realize that it is not an obstacle to bring forth a distinctive product.

Mobile apps

Not only in the Western market, also in here South Asian market mobile based apps act a playful role where provide an extensive services to the users. Also there are huge opportunity to generate the revenues via various kind of apps & lot of web based e-commerce businesses are now attempt to add apps to match for all three platforms. Our people already got experience in Android & IOS app developments. By using titan frame work developers can produce the apps for all three platforms at once. As above mentioned the procedure is same here. We will be the developing team while you have the right and publishing ability of the product.

E-commerce Solutions

If you’re customer need an e-commerce, online revenue generating website or an online marketplace, we will be able to provide a white labeled ecommerce solutions with integration of paypal, Braintree, stripe or mangopay payment methodologies. According to your country there might be seamless opportunities in the web market where you / your customers can build a successful revenue generating stream over the internet. We have experience in multi lingual websites (not using google translators) where the companies can localize their e-shop according to the country, language, culture & currency. Treinetic can be your e-commerce solutions partner in this extremely changing online business culture.

Requirement based Solutions

It’s about the software product engineering. The burning desire of Treinetic is to be a software product engineering giant in Asian region. You can send us the business / requirement analysis reports with the specifications of the system, this might include use case diagrams, BP diagrams, Activity diagrams, sketches, flow charts etc. At least if you can clearly transfer the concept & features we can do the rest of requirement analyze tasks. Then convert it to a real world product is our core work. Convey all the coding works to us, we take care of it with the testing & QA.

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