Mobile Based System Development

With the popularity of smart phones, tables & other mobile devices it has been a colossal demand for the mobile apps since last few years. Business owners are trend to get the benefits of mobile apps today, not only for the giant businesses, but for the small & medium industries as well. Mobile app can play a significant role in your business by providing a convenient platform to the customers when they are dealing with you. If huge number of people download your app & spend considerable period of time on the app, it will be an effective way to monetizing by offering you a revenue through ads & sponsorships.

Treinetic team is capable to design & develop both native & hybrid mobile apps for custom requirements. We will assist you to identify the most suitable platform (Android / IOS / Windows), type and developing tools for your app, then propose you a reasonable offer. Integrating the platform services like push notifications, location tracking, Google & other social media sign-ups, view app analytic reports, app indexing are essential features for any type of mobile application today. We will work on a planned schedule to develop your app from the scratch to well organized, completed mobile tool. Treinetic will also assist you to publish your app to relevant platform, future enhancements & maintains.

Android OS apps

There are huge number of mobile devices which runs on the android OS and 70% of the mobile app market is dominated by android apps. Most important thing to consider when developing an android app is to compatible the UIs with vastly different screen sizes. We will test your app for diverse screen sizes and verify it's performance and speed when dealing with server data & images. In addition to use the formal tools like eclipse and Android studio we are capable to use external GUI kits & libraries to produce an attractive, user friendly and well performed mobile software.

Hybrid apps

Since last few years hybrid apps are emerging with the hi-performance mobile devices and nowadys there are effective frame works to develop hybrid apps which will run on even low performance smart devices without any interruptions. Reduce the developing time period & cost is the core benefit of using hybrid tools like IONIC, Titanium, Kendo UI, Phonegapp etc. In addition to design three native apps (for all three platforms) people are trned to get benefits of these hybrid apps. Our app developing team is full of skills on technologies like HTML5, Jquery mobile and Angular JS which are essential to develop hybrid apps.

IOS Apps

With the Swift language our team will be able to develop glamorous and hi-performed IOS apps for your requirements.