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Think of how to Start ?

1 Where you are

company looking for new web/mobile app

Individual with idea

Start-up looking for a competent team

company try to outsource a project

2  Onboarding and chat with us.

Once you want to reach us click on any inquire forms here (links) & send an inquiry. We will reply you with our details immediately, let’s start a chat through skype or google chat. Tell your requirements clearly, if we need further clarification we have to ask few questions. What is the price type (fixed, hourly) you are expecting? Do you have any peoples who already got the domain knowledge about the project’s background? Let’s discuss with all…You might tell A, B, C to us…But we need to know A –Z. That is to fulfill your wants clearly.

3   Happy to know us? Let's come to a final conclusion

4  Wireframes Sketches & UX Design

5  design Iteration

Design of the user interfaces & infrastructure will happen on this step. After complete some initial parts we will show you a demo. If you need any changes we are ready to amendments. All the front-end validation will be finished in this phase. Customer will be able to see the first glance of the product (web / web app / mobile app). There are some things that you will not visualize like database, system architecture which will also take place in this phase.

6  Real Game (Development)

We are doing the product making part in this step. If your requirement is a web site / web application / mobile application, back-end coding will happen here. This is the most important and critical part that we should really focused on. Developing team will continuously communicate / share files / screen shots with customer to fulfill their needs precisely. All the back-end validations will fixed in this phase. Customer will be able to use some major parts of the systems practically, from the beginning of this step. When we finished the step, you can test the system…But remember still we didn’t do the quality assurance. That’s also essential…..

7  Testing for Quality Assurance

Some people really do not consider this step much, so they convey the project to unfortunate doom. Whatever the system you want is, it must operate continuously and users must get the benefits for decades. Therefore it is recommended to conduct a proper testing / QA works to every product. After this phase we will assure the sustainability, durability and long term existence of your product.


When the product is designed under customer’s guidance, develop by our skillful team, test & assure the quality by QA people…..What else? Product is ready to launch! Let’s deploy it to the location that you want. But we will never stop, according to your future requirements we will enhance, upgrade or even completely change the application.