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Independent software vendor?

Start an innovative IT product?

Established IT firm?

As a web / software product engineering professionals we desire to have a long-term & continuous partnership with you as your development team. If you want to relate with a permanent developing team with reliable & cost effective plans, here is the opportunity to work with us. We already build an alliance with Daniel Willhelm Management Company (Sweden – link) by performing all their software developing activities in here Treinetics by getting them a fortunate on developing expenses. When thinking about these kind of alliances, you will always hesitate on trust worthy & credence of developers, legal bonds, after sales services, development time schedule etc. By working with Treinetic you will realize that, above messes will never occur as our essence goal is to build a better relationship with our customers & satisfy them.

Assume that you are going to build an innovative tool / plugin / library with your own innovative concept, but still unable to afford a developing team in your region, we will be able to assist you on this case. By providing you a consistent developing service (hourly basis, daily / weekly / monthly basis) until you bring forth your idea into a real world software product. Even if you are an established IT firm with considerable number of developers, experts, convey their ‘light weight’ works to Treinetic and let them to concentrate on expert areas on the developments. You can build a partnership with us for a front-end tasks, validations, testing / QA works etc.


  • Work with a reliable & skillful team in accordance to a reasonable development price / cost.
  • Righteous and friendly communication with your party to get the clear idea and conduct an effective development process, Daily / Weekly virtual meetings, progress charts etc.
  • Consistent collaboration with your requirement analysts, engineers & experts in technical works.
  • Fast results with Agile software development methodology with SCRUM project management process.
  • Stable product development with latest software tools, technologies & hi-performance frameworks (for Java & PHP).
  • Uninterrupted after sales /production service to your party.